Friday, 10 July 2015

75th Anniversary of Battle of Britain

Scramble: Spitfires take off over a crashed zerstroyer.

The celebrations of the great World War II victory of the Battle of Britain are underway.

The battle marked the limit of Hitler's western expansion placed him in the position of Napoleon: dominant in Western Europe but facing a hostile and implacable naval power that had the ability to strangle his economy.

The victory was won by British, Commonwealth and East European pilots, notably the fighting Poles and is the first campaign to be decided almost entirely by air power.

Like Napoleon, unable to conquer or intimidate Great Britain, Hitler turned east instead and invaded Russia. But he did it with a Luftwaffe that was weaker than twelve months earlier.

I have put up a few artworks that I have swiped off the web (I do not own the copyright) that I think sums up the heroism of The Few.

ME109 Ace shoots down a Spitfire over Kent

Hurricane blows the tail off a Dornier bomber over London

109 escorts a damaged comrade to safety

To win a VC

Dusk landing

Homeward bound over the white cliffs

Hurricanes close for the kill

Spitfires triumphant

Swirling dogfight

JU88s streak low level for home

"Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few," Winston Churchill.

"He must have been thinking of our bar tabs," Unknown RAF fighter pilot.


  1. Cruel days, we still remember them here in Poland... best

    1. When I hear people whine about Polsh immigrants I remind than that the top 'scoring' RAF squadron in the BoB was Polish.

  2. Some nice pics just gone on the BBC News website of a Typhoon (modern) in 1940 camo scheme. Also a photo of 5 Spitfires fling ober Buckingham Palace. Looking forward to seeing footage of them flying as it should be spectacular, visually and audibly:)

  3. What surprised me most was that when I went to the Battle of Britain Hall at RAF Museum was how small the German bombers were. They really weren't comparable to the Lancaster or later B17s, but rather medium ground attack aircraft. Just the impression I took away from my visit.

    1. Hitler never asked how big the bombers were just how many there were. :)

  4. Hello,
    Is it possible to get the first photo in a bigger resolution? I want to make a wallpaper out of it.
    Thank you,
    With kind regards Marjolein Scharrenberg