Monday, 20 July 2015

Review, Wargames Factory Samurai

Wargames Factory plastic 28 mm models fit into the cheap and cheerful category. No they're not the best sculpted or manufactured models in the world but they're not bad and great value for money.

I bought a box of these, they retail at about £18 for 25 models, to use in fantasy games and also to try out the new Japanese skirmish games that have come on the market - Ronin and Daisho.

The models are the usual multi (almost)fit: I found it useful to sometimes cut the hands to rotate them.

The results are not bad.

If I start playing one of these games seriously I will probably buy a few metal premium models but these will do as a starter and will eventually gravitate to a KoW Army.

WF produce mounted cavalry and Ashigura with guns/bows and spears so £40 will buy an army.

Recommended (with caveats).

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