Monday, 13 July 2015

My Antares Boromite Army

The Boromites are a bioengineered para-human group of clans who are involved in mining and heavy industry. This is a security detail. In the centre is the three man HQ unit armed with high-tech military plasma weapons.

On the right a squad of young gangers with sophisticated rail guns - low tech civilian weapons. Note the more yellow brighter skin of the younger Boromite. The guns are made from metallised ceramics.

Foregrounds a lavamite pack. these are bioengineered rock boring life forms used as biodrones for mining. They are driven to attack by a Boromite with an electrowhip.

A rock excavator: this is not a weapon but a sort of rock boring transmat. The blob on the right is an observation drone.

However when raised to the horizontal it can make a nasty mess of structures, or anything in the way.

A Boromite mining work gang. The machines in their hands are not weapons but rock crushers.

However, they will crush most anything they are pointed at - walls, armour, people..

I chose an orange colour scheme because these are mining workers, not soldiers, but any military equipment is in metallised hues.


  1. I like the colour John - mine are very blue-grey but the Boro's do lend themselves to all sorts of schemes.

    1. I noticed in the 'fluff', Rick, tht you gave us wiggle room by having different Boromite clans bioengineer different clan skin colours.

    2. Always leave the door open John!