Saturday, 28 October 2017

Infinity Engine's V(ictoria) 2 Secret Weapon

Infinity Engine were back at SELWG.

Their display always looks great with unusual brightly painted Wellsian and Fantasy miniatures.

I was taken with their new Steampunk missile launcher and bought the first one they have ever sold!

And here it is sitting in the low sun of a Martian summer - other wise known as my lounge carpet.

Production is decent with just a few rough bits to sand and air holes to fill. I strongly recommend cleaning thoroughly before painting. I didn't which gave me issues at the primer stage.

I modelled it with the rocket loose as if it's at the point of being fired with the arms swinging away - that way I can get the missile off during a game.

You can buy one here.


  1. Great looking Scifi/Fantasy collection. Looks like one is the entrance to the Morlock's subterranean world - didn't see the Time Machine though. :)

  2. Give them time Dean...I'm sure it's coming

  3. I bought a chap on a spit being roasted alive, well he would have been if he had a head!

    1. I've heard about those strange rites you still hold up there in Gravesend :-)

    2. Don't visit on a Saturday night, whatever you do!

  4. Oh no! Just when I thought I was under control....who am I kidding!