Friday 13 October 2017

Review Adeptus Mechanicus Dunewalker

The Business End

I really didn't like the look of the photos of the Dunewalker when it first came out but when I actually got to see one I found that I liked the real thing a whole lot more. I was fortunate to be given a starter set for my birthday.

Rear Threequarter View

It is one of those new highly detailed kits that I suppose date back to when GW deluded themselves that their main market was modellers rather than wargamers. In fact it is over-engineered for a wargame model, but that is a not uncommon problem with kit manufacturers these days.

Showing The Icarus Weapon System

The legs, for example, have a number of joints which one is advised not to glue, which does make for a very posable model. But it also results in it collapsing in a heap like a dead spider so one ends up gluing the joints in position one by one after the event. Some of the detail is a pain to put together - the tiny rods connecting the turret rail to the turret for example. Also there are some very delicate bits of plastic that are unlikely to survive long.

Come In No. 74, Your Time Is Up

Nevertheless, the finished product looks very nice indeed and there is quite a choice of weapons and equipment for those who must have one of everything.

The Radiation Doomed Crewman

The Dunewalker comes with a base which I chose not to use as it is rather large to decorate
and the model really doesn't need one.

Recommended: but be patient with all the small components.


  1. Your nearly mono-chromatic paint job really shows off the quality of the decals, and evokes a sort of no-nonsense feel to this beast, which given the baroque encrustment of a four legged walking tank is pretty impressive!

    1. Thanks, appreciate the kind words. I do think vehicles look better with one primary colour, camo excepted, of course.

    2. What I don't get is people that paint their 40K vehicles with weapon barrels painted metallic... Really? Humans have figured out how to paint gun barrels already. Are you telling me their forgot how 38000 years from now!?

    3. (Dune walker looks great, by the way!)

    4. LOL, I think by 40000 AD a gun might be any colour one likes. Mind you, it's a very weird 40,000 AD to be sure. :)

  2. It looks like a good donor model for a stalk tank ?

  3. Dear John,
    This is probably a dumb thought from a non-modeller, but what would be the effect of using casein glue (Elmer's) on parts you might want to repose later?