Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Hawk goes under, TTC is their White Knight.

The clearout amongst the small wargame manufacturers continues. The latest victim is Hawk who produced Drop Zone Commander.

Their Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter ran into serious trouble with many complaints about late and undelivered pledges.

Hawk follows the pattern set by Spartan of a retailer buying a manufacturer, in that the company has been acquired by Troll Trader down in St Columb Major. As an aside, being a Newquay boy, I used to go hurling in  St Columb.

Spartan Kickstarter backers lost their money when the company went under.  The situation at Hawk looks more hopeful...

This was just posted on Kickstarter:

'Hawk Wargames Creator about 3 hours ago
Hi everyone! Lewis here from TTC. I'm having a read through the comments and updates. I'm here to answer some questions. I don't have ALL the information at the moment (things are rather hectic here!), but as the dust settles I'll know more.
@OldNick: It's true!
@Nick (new Nick?): Hi! I'm communicating! We try to stay on top of things with our customers. Transparency is key, especially in a time like this. Hopefully once our production and distribution facilities get DZC and DFC up and running we'll all see an uptake of interest in the games, and stores can finally keep product in stock!
@Thierry: DZC 2.0 is getting pushed back a bit. The rules I think are all done and ready, but with all the upheaval we'd rather launch it properly, and get everyone's DFC stuff to them first before galloping ahead.
@Draccan: I think he'll have a personal note published soon.
@Andrew: Yep! And the credits will be usable on the TTCombat webstore once all the Hawk products are listed. You'll be able to use them on Hawk products or TTC products.
@Michael: Oh umm... yeah. What you said. :D'

I have a copy of Dropfleet Commander. It's a good Andy Chambers design so it works.

Here's hoping.


  1. Colour me surprised by this news as I thought Hawk were doing good, but on reflection the big dropship being sold was a clue.

    BTW: You haven't got a title on this post.

    1. There have been rumours for a while... Added title.

    2. Ah, I'm obviously out of touch.

      Good title.

  2. They have had difficulty supplying stock to retailers and their last Kickstarter had 'issues'.