Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Scratch Built Imperial Navy Fury Interceptor P4

All the various bits of odds and sods added to the basic hull to add verisimilitude to the design.

The bow.

The ventral.

The stern.

 At this stage a scratch build looks terrible, like a load of old bits glued together - which is exactly what it is. But remember the old modeller's maxim: A lick o'paint covers a multitude of sins.

The model is sealed in with a generous coat of Army Painter white undercoat, a 'thick' paint that blends everything in and gives a continuous texture to the differently sourced components.

Then I airbrushed on Vallejo Air Cold Grey.

Incidentally, for this I used one of Rochester Models £25 double-action airbrushes. These are highly durable, Robust, and completely adequate for this purpose, saving wear and tear on my Iwata.

A dorsal view.

From the side.

Bow on.

The rear.