Thursday, 8 February 2018

Scratch Built Imperial Navy Fury Interceptor P5

Vostock Pattern Imperial Navy Fury Void Fighter

   This is the smallest pattern of void fighter used by the Imperial Navy. It is intended for point defence around capital ships, space stations and planetary bases. As such it can transit through atmosphere so is moderately aerodynamic. It can mount ground strafing runs in atmosphere using its lascannon - the point defence projectile weapons are useless in atmosphere due to wind sheer as the fighter is very fast - but it has a turning circle measured in kilometres so is of limited effectiveness in ground support and next to useless as a atmospheric fighter. Needless to say such missions are not much to the liking of the crew.

Climbing Hard Out Of Atmosphere

   It can be assisted out of a deep gravity well by a supplementary booster, piloted by a servitor, attached to the ventral surface as a fuel saving measure and time-intercept facilitator.


   The gunner sits in the front turret from where he controls all weapons and can alter the fighter attitude to bring the main laser armament to bear. In the rotatable nose turret is a twin autocannon for close in defence connected to a targeting auger (above).

   In front of the pilot's cockpit is the bow projector for the ion shield.

   Targeting augurs for the primary armament are located on the roof of the cockpit.


   Showing the main thruster bank and four vectored thrusters used to assist the centrufugal attitude controllers when under full thrust.

    On the rear top deck are located twin-linked heavy bolters for rear point defence along with their targeting auger.

Front Dorsal

   Above the pilot's cockpit are, from left to right:
(i) the main armament targeting augers
(ii) pilot's entry hatch.
(iii) alongside entry hatch are external power packs used to invoke the Fury's machine spirit when the main engines are offline
(iv) rotating void vox for communication between fighters and with their base controller when without an astropath
(v) emergency plasma vent

Mid Dorsal

   Rotating turret with long range primary search augurs. Note that when travelling in the void the twin fins are lowered flush with the hull where they won't impede the augurs. They are only raised to assist in flight trimming when transiting through atmosphere.

Lateral View

   The main armament consists of a lascannon on the thin front wing, two turbolasers on the thicker rear wing, missile battery above the main wing, and a seeker missile launcher below the wing (out of shot).

   On the hull lower left is a refuelling port, between the wings an inspection panel and anterior to the front wing the crew entry hatch. The fighter carries a minimum of two crew, pilot and gunner, but there are two more seats behind the gun turret for an astropath and enginseer.
   Above the crew hatch is found the lateral ion shield projector.

Lateral Rear

   Another view of the thrusters and stern point defence system. Note the rear ion shield projector on the rear side hull.

In Atmosperic Transit

   Note the bulges under the front wings holding additional fuel. This view shows the laser armament and the seeker missile launcher under the rear wing.

Mission Over

   The Fury is just about finished. When it reaches its Wing, it will join Yellow Flight and have a number allocated (I have the template on order).

   Modelwise I will probably build a trolley to display it on as it is intended for wargaming terrain, rather than a playing piece.

   Hope you like it, making a Fury has been a blast.


  1. What a great project! It would look great parked in a "hanger" (which is really the whole table) with various trolleys and trucks around it to refuel and load the weapons.

    So are you working on a Starhawk next? ;)

    1. Get the from me ,Satan :)
      Not for a while ,anyway .

  2. Great job on that John, awesome, love it. I second the call for a flight deck or hanger diorama to display.

  3. Great job! It is excellent!