Friday, 25 January 2019

Cruel Seas: Aegean Commando Raid

Raid Flotilla

I've finished my Aegean commando raiding flotilla. The plucky chaps are off to launch an attack on a German held island and blow up some guns dominating a strait.

The commando is company strong, one platoon in each of the LCI(S) and one in the corvette acting as an HQ and escort ship.

Three Type 1 and three Type 2 Vosper 73 footers accompany the troop ships to shoot up port installation, torpedo any merchant or flak barges around and generally act as an escort.

Flower Class Corvette

Not sure there were any Flower Class Corvettes in the Med but they were ubiquitous so there might have been. Anyway, there is now.

Corvette From The Stern

Showing the mine-sweeping gear and depth charge rails, launchers and reloads.

Corvette From The Bow

Showing the 4" Mk IX WWI naval gun for anti-shipping use and shore bombardment.


Each of these carries a platoon of Marine Commandos and is armed with two 20 mm autocannon for air defence (plus whatever the crew have 'acquired').

Comparison With Dog Boat

LCI(S)s were apparently designed by Fairmile, who made the Fairmile D 'Dogboat'.

Vosper Type 2 MTB

Vosper Type 1 MTB

The Vospers are Warlord Games, the LCI(S)s Scotia Grendel and the corvette Mirage Hobbies. All are 1:300 except for the corvette which is 1:350.