Saturday, 12 January 2019

Review: Warlord Games Cruel Seas Merchant Tanker

Completed Model

A merchant ship with a resin hull and metal additional components is available from the Warlord Games site for the sum of 18 of our Brexit £.

The hull is very thin between the raised fo'c'sle and quarterdeck (go one, admit you're impressed by my grasp of Jolly Jack Tar lingo) and was a little warped in my case. Boiling water treatment on a flat surface soon sorted out - in fact I almost overdid it. The resin is quite thin.

The metal parts have little flash and were no problem at all to fit - apart from my allergy to superglue setting of my sinuses - how I suffer for my art.

The model paints up really well - the resin comes very clean. I used Humbrol grey  spray to coat the model before painting.


A metal kit of a cannon and crew is supplied so you can arm the vessel by fitting a quarterdeck gun if required.


A generous supply of naval figures in three man groups come with the kit. I also added some Heroic & Ross British standing artillery crew figures so I could have some individuals on the boat. At 1:300 scale they look fine when painted as seamen.


More of the H&R figs on the bridge wings.

Scale Photo

The 1:300 coaster model by the side of a Warlord Games 1:300 S-Boat.

Scale Photo

And beside the lasercut merchant ships I posted earlier

This is a great model offered at a good price.



  1. Looks great John, and scales well with your other models

  2. Nice review,. thanks for that. Agree on the price too, I didn't feel robbed - which is saying quite a bit

  3. Very nice looking ships, John. These rules seem quite popular.

    1. Very difficult to get hold of as they have sold out, Dean.

  4. Hello John, I am also sensitive to super glue fumes. I found the following helpful, Bob Smith Industries Odorless Foam Safe Super Glue, they have both gap filling and thin. As well 3M makes a disposable Paint Odor Respirator Mask, essential a carbon filter, which also helps. Take care, ps the work looks great as always.

    1. Yes it's the damn vapour. Thank you for the info, Stephen. Will look out for the products.