Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Blackstone Fortress: Rogue Trader & Navigator

Rogue Trader Dellbois Trettor & Navigator House Rhodenay

Two more exceptional models from the Blackstone Fortress starter set.

In common with most GW models now, they are fixed pose but this allows wonderful characterisation and dynamism.

Another Fine Mess You've Got Us Into.

This set is worth buying just for the models - even if you never play the game.

They make a great addition to a 40K Inquisitorial retinue.


  1. Great brushwork John, on these really nice models, have looked at the set multiple times, but I only really need 5 models out of the box , so wasn't worth it for me, as I try not to get models I don't have a purpose for anymore

    1. Yeah, I’m gonna pass on the Space Woof/Ork box for the same reason.