Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Nighthaunt Banshees


The lockdown continues and I am so bored I have taken to weeding the drive.

Meanwhile, the latest output from the sausage factory.

Still Wooohhh!

As an experiment these were entirely painted with contrast paints except for matt white.


  1. Nice work John, was painting them more interesting than weeding the drive ! LOL

  2. I like these... time for you to dust the light bulbs followed by, wait for t, tidying the loft !!!!

  3. Dynamic models - I've not tried the contrast paints (I am reluctant to step over the threshold of a GW store at the best of times and no longer have the opportunity of course). I do use a lot of wash techniques with the with ordinary paint thinned down, ink or those Army Painter washes, and I get very similar results. Is the contrast paint much different to an ordinary wash?

    1. Very different to a wash. They are colloidal so you need to keep shaking (the paint that is). It is more like thinned down paint but it is in a strange medium that runs better. It also goes gooey quite quickly so you have to watch for pooling.