Sunday 15 March 2020

Review: Reaper Bones Pit Demon, Agramon - Khorne Daemon Prince


Reaper Bones miniatures are made from a plastic polymer that can react with certain chemicals to form a 'tacky' surface that remains tacky even through layers of paint and varnish. These chemicals are often used as a propellant in paint spray cans. It is possible that they may also occur in acrylic paints with complicated solvents such as Mr Color or Tamiya.

Sword Added

The only modification was to drill out the left fist and add a sword. Otherwise the model is 'as it came'.

The model was painted with Vallejo Citadel acrylics, including contrast paints and washes, with no problems whatsoever.

I first washed it in black Nuln Oil to get in all the creases to deepen the 3D effect and then painted over with Contrast Blood Angel Red.

Highlights were added with Vallejo rust-orange Air.


I intend to use the model as a Khorne Daemon Prince for a little project I have in mind, but more about that later. 

Agramon is smaller than a GW Daemon Prince but is still impressive compared to a space marine. The advantages of using the reaper model are: cheapness, easy storage, and robustness. IMO it also looks better than the GW model of which I have never been a great fan.

Available for about £10 from Reaper UK or various independent traders.

Highly recommended


  1. Great looking Demon John, if you like a model I don't see a problem with which manufacturer it comes from, as long as it does the job

  2. Ah a `proper' red daemon. I love it. Mind you my Berzerkers are so last century it's painful.

    1. I have those old plastic berserkers doing silly walks as well 😀