Sunday, 16 August 2009

AK 47 Centurions

I used to be a keen AK 47 player but, like a lot of Peter Pig games, it is great fun but kind off 'enclosed'. Once one has exhausted the possibilities then there is nowhere for the game to go.

Now my children are all grown up, my wife and I intend to downsize our house so many of my old models are destined for eBay. It is quite fun digging them out of the cupboards, shed, roof, under the stairs etc.

These are a couple of Centurions as used by colonial forces in Africa.

The Centurion was the finest tank of its era. It was designed in the late 40s to take the 17pdr and was quickly upgraded to a 105. It proved an absolute battlewinner. The Centurions finest hour was on the Golan heights where the Israelis mounted a British-style defence against a Syrian Soviet-style attack. It showed what would have happened on the plains of north Germany if the Soviet Army had tried to barrel through the Fulda Gap.

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