Sunday, 16 August 2009

M60A3 by Tom Willoughby

Tom takes commissions to model vehicles. He served as a tank commander in the US Services so he has personal experience to bring to his work.

This is his version of a Tamiya M60A3 in 1:35 scale.

If I can quote directly from Tom: "It is airbrushed free hand and dry brushed weathering. I haven't gotten into the fad of using filters and under coating that the model rags and web sites say are all the rage.....I used each cammo color gradually lightened and dry brushed until it was nearly white on each area."

I was very impressed by the way the camofluage pattern is built up. I find that pattern very difficult to achieve. I also admire the subtle weathering.

I hope that I can persuade Tom to allow me to put up more of his work.



  1. FYI, Tom was my tank commander in the Army National Guard. In addition to being an excellent teacher and commander, he is an excellent modeler. I'm still trying to get him interested in Warhammer...

  2. Dear Fred
    He would make a mean Land Raider.


  3. Wow!

    Nice work. Do please get him to share more if you can...