Friday, 8 January 2010

Feral Ogryn

I have been working on a complicated project for a Blood Pact warp powered skimmer, more on that story later. In the meantime, I have been working on some feral ogryn that could be used with an IG or renegade army.

I bought some Warhammer Ogres, chopped the pointy things off and attached Minimax big guns. These are the first four off the line. I will use the one shouting orders as a bone head so I will have to come up with some prosthetics. They are mounted on resin bases. These are so good and cheap that I base everything on them now.

What do you think? Cool or silly?


  1. ive done this and your look awesome, you can also use the side of the tank backpack as a gut plate to make them more 40k, as well as making helmets and metal plate shoulders to bulk them out. x

  2. Dear Cap'n
    Excellent council. Do you have a photo up somewhere for us to look at?
    PS If you don't but want to email a pic to me then I will put it up here.

  3. I had the same idea about using the Ogryns for a guards army. I like how those MAxmini big AP guns look, great idea! consider it stolen lol.


  4. dear Blitz
    Feel free - I steal enough from fellow bloggers.

  5. Oh dear I feel a box of Ogryn will just have to be bought but I might have enough Orky bits to make the guns from left overs we'll see

  6. Dear Shaun
    Go on, go on, go know it makes sense.

  7. I just bought a box of ogres for my Warhammer army, now I am tempted to make ogryns.

    I think the guns look very cool, with good scenic bases as well. I think Cap'n made a good point about making them some 40k looking armour.

    If you had any Ork Boyz, I seem to remember they have a few scraps of armour or plates on their sprue.

    Looking good.