Friday, 15 January 2010

Iron Halo Base Inserts

Deus Ex Machina


The DeM base insets caught my eye as perfect for my Malifaux figures so I bought a set of 30, 40 and 50mm inserts. While I was in the chair I decided to add a set of Fens (marsh inserts).

My first pleasant surprise was that the total came to just £14.43 including postage all the way from New Zealand to England.

I placed my order on the 4th of this month and the bases arrived on the 14th. They must have been posted immediately. The communications were excellent. The company kept me informed at all times of progress.

The bases are thin and light but there was no sign of warp (are you listening, Forge World!). I had to clean a little flash off the sides but the modelled surfaces were clean. I used a needle to remove a small amount amount of 'wax' from two of the bases.

The modelling was clean but rather 'flat', especially in the case of the Fens. They will need to be painted carefully to achieve a 3D look. The DeM bases are very imaginative and utterly perfect for fantasy-steampunk.

So the scores out of five:

Quality: 4 (5 for DeS, 3 for Fens)
Customer Service: 5
Communications: 5
Speed: 5
Value for Money: 4 (5 for DeS, 3 for Fens)

Would I use them again: I certainly will!


  1. Iiiiinteresting! I'm always on the lookout for new ways to add depth and detail to my bases, I'll have to give the company a look. The steampunk-esque inserts may be just the thing for the Adeptus Mechanicus I'm working on - Neat!

  2. dear Mordian
    They make standard-type bases for DeS which would be perfect for AM.

  3. Hi John
    I live in the "real" fens and those fen inserts would benefit from some corse grass ranging from bile green to a muddy browngreen in the same patch. And remember the soil here is a rich black not brown if it's brown it's usually poo.
    It's very soggy here below sea level at the moment too lol.

  4. Dear Blitz
    We always used to take our family hol in Norfolk so I know what you mean. I use bits cut off my wife's brush as coarse grass - when she is out.

  5. Heh - I just ordered a set of these on Wednesday for my Malifaux minis. Glad to hear they are as good as they look on the Ironhalo website. And I agree about the service - excellent comms.