Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Jagdestaffel Arrives

Majot WG Barker VC of Canada was the British Empire's ninth highest scoring ace with 52 victories. His Sopwith Camel B6313 shot down 46 aircraft, a record. Badly injured, he survived the war.

Capt Alfred Atkey MC of Canada was the Empire's 18th highest scoring ace with 38 victories, astonishing for a pilot of what was essentially a bomber. He ended the war flying the two-seater Bristol Fighter in which on two occasions he shot down five planes in a single day. Here is his DH4.

Camel flown by Belgian Ace Lt Jan Olieslagers. He was awarded 6 confirmed victories but, unlike most aces, this was probably an underestimate. He flew 491 sorties and engaged in 97 dogfights. He survived the war.

Spad XIII flown by top Italian ace Francesco Baracca, awarded 34 confirmed victories. He was killed trench strafing in June 1918. His personal symbol was the black prancing horse, later taken up by Enzo Ferrari at the request of Baracca's mother, Countess Paolina.

Ernst Udet was Germany's second highest scoring ace (second to you know who) with 62 confirmed kills. he once survived an encounter with 22 French fighters. He survived the war only to commit suicide after falling out with the Gestapo. This is a model of his Albatross DV.

Two seater LFG Roland CII piloted by the Red Baron hisself, 80 kills.


  1. I'm a big Richthofen fan. Will you be adding a triplane to the mix? I know he only flew it for his last few kills, but it's still a neat plane!

  2. Dear Gek
    They do Richtofen's red tripehound. I shall have to order one.

  3. I got WoW Deluxe for Xmas too, and it is a delightful game. Need to buy more aircraft in due course. BTW nice blog you have here.

  4. Dear Pink
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I am looking forward to a battle with Lt Shaun Murphy of the Royal Flying Corps tomorrow, assuming he has finished passing the port in the mess.

    PS What do you write. I am working on an SF novel at the moment.

  5. Holy smokes, those are beautiful! But WWI had the best looking fighters and bombers, I always thought. Now the wallet is cringing, as I am feeling the urge to buy it just for the models!

  6. dear Fred
    They are not bad value either at about £10 a time, including manoeuvre cards and stand.

  7. What do I write? In the past I was a free-lance writer for Games Master International, and FASA. Currently don't get a lot of spare time, but like most writers I have unfinished manuscripts and outlines to work on as and when.

  8. Dear Pink,
    You can find the writing blog that I write for, I'm the Saturday Boy, on Mad Genius - see bottom right of side-bar.