Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Home Guard Beaverette in 20 mil

The vehicle models are 1/76 Frontline resin kits of Beaverettes and I have decorated them with various 1/72 polyethylene toy soldiers. They are based on 1940 Standard armoured cars built on a car chassis: yes, they handled worse than an American limo. It was of course an emergency desperate measure as their combat value was questionable - to put it mildly. Named after Lord Beaverbrooke, who ordered them, they were armed with a bren gun.

Suitable for a 'Sealion' 1940 or 1938 game.

Note the Home Guard Tank Rider. :)

The real thing.


  1. Nicely done John, it's exactly this sort of quirky stuff that interests me about this period. I have a couple in 15mm.

  2. Thanks Al, I find the early stuff more fun than the endless parade of Shermans and T34s.

  3. Hi John
    The Beaverettes wern't they a girl singing trio of the 1940's?
    Shuffles off to sound of own foot steps enters name in register

  4. Dear Shaun
    Close the door behind you,

  5. They were sixty years ahead of their time if the profusion of 'technicals' we see today are anything to go by.... probably not!

    1. LOL, I still woder what happens to the Toyota when you fire a 20mm cannon screwed to the back.

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