Saturday, 20 October 2012

Home Made Armour

The 'Protected Lorry' is a Dad's Army model from Frontline's 1/76 range. I have painted it as an Anarchist APC. The cavalry are there for scale.

The armoured tractor is another Frontline Dad's Army model. The argricultural model alongside for scale is a 1/76 diecast model from Oxford Miniatures. This company does a large range of inexpensive but decent 1/76 vehicles including military and 1/72 aircraft. Well worth checking out iof you're a 20mm wargamer.


  1. They are stunning conversions there very VBCW

  2. These conversion are really amazing! I see you do Warhammer 40K on top of WWII and Modern Warfare stuff.

    really a vast array of great stuff John!

    hey, my blog does focus on several things that are similar which is Modern Era Model kits and wargaming miniatures, Warhammer and others.

    I have connected to your blog. It would be great if you can connect to my blog too!

    P.S I love your 1/72 scale Modern era stuff!

  3. Excellent models!