Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nemean Lion On the Cheap

I needed a Nemean Lion for my Greek mythological army so I picked up a toy lion at the Skirmish Toy Soldier show for 50p. I sprayed it with Halford's car cellulose undercoat and painted it tawny brown. This was followed by Citadel brown wash, a coast of Army Painter brown tone gloss varnish to seal it all in and thin layer of Winsor & Newton matt varnish to take off the shine.

Killing the monstrous man-eating Nemean Lion was the first labour of Hercules.

This is a big model: the 25mm cavalry base gives the scale. In metal it would have cost £15. Okay, this is not so good a sculpt as a metal model but it ain't bad for fifty copper coins of the realm.