Monday, 30 March 2015

The Goddess Isis On The Cheap

This mini started life as a resin ornament that I encountered in a wee gifty shoppe. She is about 1:32 scale, maybe slightly bigger, and is based on the Goddess Isis.

Isis was an important Egyptian goddess, sister-wife of Osirus, mother of Horus. She was particularly associated with white magic, protection and healing. Her name means throne and she is often depicted wearing a stylised throne on her head.

The later ancient world called her Mother of Heaven and associated her with Astarte, Demeter, Aphrodite, Venus and Al-Uzza. She is still with us in the christian name Isodora (Gift of Isis) and as the Virgin Mary in Catholic iconography (the divine mother with baby).

Isis and her temple in London has a walk on role in my novel Wolf In Shadow where she saves my heroines from the wrath of the men-only army-god, Mithras who had his Temple on the Walbrook

Another of my Of Gods & Mortals  God models 'on the cheap'.

P.S. Fed up struggling to get my Jessops for Nikon flash gun to talk to my Nikon camera so I took a deep breath and bought a Nikon SB700. Wish I'd done it years ago. Brilliant flash light. Above is a straight on shot in TTL close up mode.


  1. Nice work, John. Good to find unique pieces for gaming. Looking forward to seeing the rules played out.

    1. Will be ready for my first game as soon as my Warlord order arrives.