Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Goddess Pallas-Athena

I found a neat 54mm metal model of Minerva from a Ukrainian model maker. The Roman Goddess Minerva was always equated with Pallas Athena and their images coincided.

Athena seems to have been a very ancient Indu-European Sky-God associated with the sun and birds. The bird angle carried on down into the Greek Iron Age with her link to owls and wisdom. She is a war god with the persona of a military strategist rather than a warrior such as Mars. In this form she was the patron Goddess of Athens.

Pallas Athena was also associated with the Mycenaean Snake Goddess and War Goddess. In Mycenae itself a Linear B tablet refers to 'The Lady of Athens'. As War Goddess she was celebrated as the inventor of the battle chariot - a weapon system indelibly associated with Indu-European culture. As Snake-Goddess she is closely linked to Medusa and any Of Gods & Mortals Athenian warband should include Medusa.

Here she is accompanied by two Amazon peltasts. Her OG&M warband should also include Amazons and Theseus.

I will also use the figure as a summoned daemon in IHMN.

I found the fresco that DeanM below points out below. Thanks Dean.


  1. Nice Classical look for Athena. There's a Mycenaean fresco which some believe depicts her - with a figure-of-eight shield.

    1. I recall reading about that Fresco but I've not seen a photo.