Thursday, 13 October 2016

Review Reaper Bones Fantasy Models

Reaper Bones are 28mm Reaper miniatures manufactured in China from a soft resin. The resin is not at all like polyethylene 'soft' plastic in that it is not oily. After a wash to remove any remaining 'release' layer, it paints up really well and the paint stays on.

Best of all, they cost about £2-4 and are sold from UK suppliers.

The range is enormous and growing in both fantasy and SF.

Reaper stuff has always been imaginative and well sculpted but it became impossibly expensive to import metal models through the international mail.

Highly recommended.


  1. Yep I'm a big fan of Reaper Bones stuff - as you say, after a quick scrub you can paint straight onto the plastic. They're a bugger to file down and clean flash off though.

    1. The ones I have bought recently have been flash free. But, yes, they don't sand easily.

    2. you need a really sharp scalpel to clean them.

    3. Yes, like polyethylene figures.