Friday, 5 May 2017

Reaper Bones, Varghulf Courtier Substitute

I fancied adding a Varghulf Courtier to my Flesh Eater Courts Army. Now the GW model is very nice but too rich for me at £20 for a single model.

In this situation, I often turn to Reaper Bones and discovered this gargoyle model for £7, which I felt fitted the style of the army well - and fitted my wallet even better


I added some 'fur' on the back using Milliput and a modelling needle to bulk out the model and more closely mimic the style of the GW mini.

The RB fig is slightly smaller than a Crypt Flayer but not ridiculously so.

It's a nice mini and I'm pleased with it.

It came yesterday so I did a fast paint job last night so it would be ready to take on Dr Simon E's  bloody Lizards after lunch.

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