Sunday, 7 May 2017

Review Warlord Games Plastic Doctor Who Cyberman

I picked up a copy of Warlord Games's Exterminate Doctor Who game-in-a-box at Salute. I haven't had a chance to play the game so I can't comment on that aspect, except to say that superficially it looks like an uncomplicated card-driven 'family game' or club game. It reminded me a bit of Warlord's 'Test of Honour' Samurai game which I have played and is excellent.

The box is superb value for money  as you get 12 40mm Cyberman and 12 equivalently sized Daleks.  If you decide that you hate the game and throw it away, the models alone are easily worth £35.

This is the cyber-army 'in the box'. You get four with a large wrist gun and 8 without: one arm is posable, the rest of the model is fixed. There are also two clusters of cybermats and six 'solo' models.

I painted these by undercoating with Humbrol aluminium spray, washing in GW black 'Nuln Oil', and then drybrushing lightly with VJ airbrush chrome.

The models are 'push together' (I glued them) and in a silver -grey plastic, making them look very kiddies-toy game counters. But don't be disappointed. When painted and washed, an incredible wealth of detail is revealed. The finished models are really nice. Incidentally, the photos are higher res than they appear on the blog. You can blow them up to have a closer look.

The Tenth Doctor is unimpressed.

This shows the size of the plastic versus the metal 'collectable' models. These two are both almost exactly 40mm from the bottom of the base to the top of the head.

Cyberman alongside a Bolt Action metal infantry model to show size comparison.


Disclaimer: I wrote the as yet unpublished Doctor Who "Into The Time Vortex" wargame rules for Warlord Games.


  1. Well, to ask you directly then, as you were somewhat involved; is a bren gun a decent option vs Cybermen ?

    1. Dear Zzzzz,
      I was not involved in the Exterminate rules at all so I don't know, I'm afraid.