Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Warlord Games Dr Who Minis - Size and Scale Comparison

The photo shows Daleks from three manufacturers: In the middle is a Dalek from Warlord Games - Exterminate, on the left an old-series Heroclix Dalex, and on the right a new-series Dalek given away free in Doctor Who weekly.

They are pretty much the same size. In fact most of the Heroclix and Dr Who Weekly Dr Who minis do not look out of place against Warlord's.

So what scale are the Warlord minis?

This photo gives some idea of scale, as opposed to size.

Depicted are Cyberman, Tenth Doctor and Dalek Warlord figures alongside a 1:48 Airfix kit of Modern British Infantryfrom their Operation Herrick range.

Well, well, well......the Warlord Minis are 1:48!

There is a lot of 1:48 stuff out there.

British Army Models painted by Shaun Murphy.

Disclaimer: I wrote the as yet unpublished 'full-fat' Into The Time Vortex Doctor Who Wargame Rules for Warlord Games.


  1. Wow that should read British army models badly painted by Shaun Murphy I know they are kind of wargame models but I've really got to up my magnifier specs those grills are horrible and I can see the primer under some of that surface detail time to break out the washes I think

  2. That really is a strange scale to choose. How hard does that make getting terrain/scenery. Then you probably could only use said scenery for these figures.

  3. But no good at all for anyone like me who play "Who" in 28mm already

    1. The licenced models will be in 1:48 because of sculpting-licencing issues. You will find it difficult to pick up 28mm knock offs in the future as the BBC has clamped down.

  4. Time to pick up some daleks from Sainsburys when the magazine is next out