Saturday, 29 December 2018

Cruel Seas: Kriegsmarine M35 Minelayer

Hellar 1:400 M35/40/43 Minesweepers

The M35 minesweeper was one of the most successful of the Kriegmarine's coastal ships. They were designed to supplement the older minelayers that had soldiered on since WWI. The M40 was a simplified mass production version and the M43 an improved larger vessel. Two hundred and eighteen were launched, of which around 100 were lost in combat.

They were equipped with two 105mm (4") cannon, three AA mountings (one on each side of the bridge and one in the X turret position, minesweeping gear or mines. I chose to equip mine with a typical load out of two 20mm autocannon and one twin 37mm.

The ships were used for minesweeping (duh!), minelaying, convoy escorts, sub-chasers, torpedo boats (M43) and as patrol boats.

Size Comparison

The Heller 1:400 model alongside a Warlord Games 1:300 S-Boat.

The Fleet

My Kriegsmarine collection in 1:300 to 1:400 grows: eat lead, Tommy!


  1. Great looking ships, John! Seeing all of the recent blogs posts about Cruel Seas ships, I must say the Warlord Games sure ignited a fire of sorts.

    1. Astonishing how well they are doing. They can't get the boxes out of the door fast enough to meet demand .

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