Monday, 10 December 2018

Formula Ork

Da Ork racing car has a few features not found on a Ferrari.

Da warp jump drive to aid in overtaking, or example. Well there's nothing in the rulebook preventing warp drives.

Da grinda is very useful when a backmarker fails to give way. No one's complained yet, well no one whose been through the grinda, hurr, hurr, hurr.

Dis is a bit of da grey area in the rules but the shok attack gun and bombardment rockets are very useful if that dat Hamilton overtakes.

Da Boyz are stikklas for the rules: the car has not one but two wooden skid blocks - as well as some stickbombs.


  1. I love the two wooden skid blocks!

  2. I dig that yellow! Very intense. You need to make some yellow smeared grots with a can of paint and brushes...

    1. Great idea!

      The yellow is Army Painter spray can. Vallejo Light Yellow is perfect for touching up. They give a lovely bright lemon yellow.

  3. Perielli should take note of the tyres no 10 lappers in the world of orks I should think the different grades would only refer to the length of the spikes