Saturday, 8 December 2018

T-23 Torpedoboot

This is the finished cut down waterline model: a 1:400 Heller T-23 Torpedoboot.

Torpedoboots were fast, small warships designed to fire torpedoes at capital ships. They led to the torpedo boat destroyer, designed to escort capital ships. The destroyers were larger and far better weapons platforms so became attackers as well as defenders.

The Germans kept the torpedo boat concept going through the interwar years as coastal defence ships. They were not particularly useful but gradually grew into the successful Type 39 Elbing Class, which were about the same size as a British WEP destroyer so they were reclassified as Flottentorpedoboot.

The T-23 was unusual that it survived the war.  She was completed in 1943 and served in the Bay of Biscay, escorting blockade runners. She took part in the Battle of Sept Isles and the Battle of the Bay of Biscay.

From 1944, T-23 operated in the Baltic.

She was armed with four 4.1" guns, five AA mounts with 20 mm and 37 mm guns, and two triple torpedo tubes. The ship could achieve 33 knots flat out.

My Cruel Seas Kriegsmarine fleet is growing .

The S-Boats are 1:300, the U-Boat 1:350, and the T-23 is 1:400.