Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Army Painter Colour Primer

Since the demise of Tamiya spray paints I have been trying new products.

I acquired a can of Army Painter Colour Primer while at Selwg for about £8 for a 400ml can.

The idea of these paints is that they prime and apply the base colour in one go. The two models shown are a plastic GW Valkyrie and an Old Crow Resin Vtol. The resin model was painted olive green while the Valkyrie was straign out of the box.

The spray paint covered extremely well, easily covering the dark olive green in light sand. I can see no difference between the colour tone of the two models. I was a little worried that the paint was too thick and that it would fill all the panel lines. However, it shrinks on drying and only one coat is required. Nevertheless, I would go easy on coating finely detailed models.

I like this product well. It comes in a number of useful colours including grey and olive green.



  1. This comes right on time for me. I just ran out of primer and discovered that GW no longer makes black primer nor the Dark Angels green I have been using! Thanks John.

  2. Dear Rabid
    Glad you found it useful.

  3. Do you have any problems in using the The Army Painter spray cans multiple times?
    I love the primer, the best I have ever used, but after using a new spray can once (no matter for how long), I hardly get a drop of primer out of it when using it again, although the can is still almost full and has plenty of gas in it.
    Extremely unpleasant, and making it expensive to prime all my models...