Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Imperial Navy VTOL Scales

As requested by my many fans, all two of them, I hereby show a variety of scales of VTOLS from different manufacturers. The pictures are a bit grotty, as I had to use a flasgun. It is dark enough here at midday for cars to need running lights. Some of them are unfinished but they will give an idea of relative sizes.

The models are:
1. GW Valkyrie being modelled as a Vendetta using Forge World bits
2. Two Old Crow Crows modelled as Valkyries
3. Two Old Crow Ravens modelled as Vulture gunships
4. Arvus Lighter with Old Crow gatling added to give it a defensive weapon (treat as twin linked autocannon)

The last pic shows my larger models that I use as terrain.
1. Space Fighter based on a Y Wing from Toys 'R Us
2. Scratch Built Assault Shuttle


  1. Ah the Skies are darkening, could be all those flyers of course I think Id better start building AA guns

  2. My favorite is your scratch-built shuttle.
    Really good and original.
    But you really just have to give that Y-wing to a nephew or something,Star Wars and 40k don't mix :p

  3. More, more, more pictures of the scratch built assault shuttle please!

    Remind me to buy lots of AA mounts if I ever play you John.

  4. Dear Cyborg & Bigwill
    You will find more pics of my shuttle in the archive here:

    You do need AA guns when playing against my Kernovi airborne light infantry

  5. Thanks very much for that John! Has made my choice for a transport much easier.

    Nice to see someone who actually has the Arvus Lighter kit, it looks a lovely little model :)