Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Old Crow VTOL as Valkyrie

I have finished respraying another Old Crow VTOL rebuilt as a 'Valkyrie' with Sand and 'pink-brick' camoflague.

I will probably add a bit 'o soot to the heavy bolter barrels, two underwing missiles and some kill markings below the cockpit but it is essentially finished.


  1. Thats a fine looking model!

    I was considering using one of these to carry a marine 'recon' unit, as an alternative to the Valkyrie model (and using the rules of an Arvus Lighter).

    How is the scale of this model, do you think for example that next to marines it might look a little too small for a combat-squads worth?

  2. It would look a little small. But then, all forge worlds ac look a little small. The Old Crow model is about the same size as an Arvus.

    I should put up a squadron photo of all my VTOLS to show scale.

    Will do that when we get some light. We are having a major Atlantic storm at the moment so it is dark and gloomy all day.


  3. Cool model, makes me wish I played sci-fi games in general. Hmmmm maybe...

    A size comparison of different models would be a great idea btw.