Friday, 13 November 2009

Ironclad Miniatures Scout Aeronef

The resin kit from Ironclad of a Scout Aeronef has arrived.

My first impressions are favourable. The kit is mostly resin apart from the prop and ventilators, which are in white metal.

It is a proper kit. Everything fits together well and the quality of moulding is good. It is not airbubble ridden and the resin sprues have been smoothed off. Nothing is warped. The finish is excellent.

The main hull is a single block of resin. The upside is that it provides a solid support for the rest of the model. The downside is that it adds considerable to the weight.

The base of the model is predrilled for a stand. This level of attention to detail reminds me of Old Crow.

The model is good value for money for £25. I am pleased with my purchase.