Saturday, 10 April 2010

Crystal Meths

Magic and mineral shops are a great source of alien terrain. This wonderful slice of agate is mounted on a resin base and serves as a warp rift.

More crystal from a magic shop. This terrain feature has the additional advantage of curing warts.

For comparison, this is a resin model that I painted up.

More crystal terrain below.


  1. My son is a big fan of crystals and collects them when ever he can. Never thought of using them as terrain before, cept on my rogue tropper dio. Dont think the ninja scientist will let me use his collection tho lol.

  2. Dear Blitz
    You will have to get your own,

  3. It would certainly stop objectives being mistaken for components of armies.

    The 'warprift' is quite beautiful. And quite convincing as a portal to somewhere.

  4. I need to create some of those warp rifts - they're simply great.

  5. Dear Guys
    Why try and paint your own warp rift when nature will do it for you. Agate is perfect.