Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Da Meck an' da Boss

My quick-paint Orky armour is coming together. I had these HQ figures semi-finished and have now tarted them up a bit. The army theme is a meck-force so it is heavy in machines.

The most important member of the force - da Mech.


  1. Never thought of going the brass/ruddy gold route for Ork metals but you're pulling it off pro-style.

  2. I like it a lot it might need a bit of rusting the bases already look kool. I'm doing my big mek too but he is the one with the force field.

  3. Dear Cyborg
    It was an attempt to do something different. When I built the dread it struck me how steampunky it looked so I decided to try a steampunk-colour themed ork meck army. The basis is that orks like shiny things.
    I am quite pleased with the result.

  4. Dear Woroxon
    The vehicles are more rusty.