Friday, 30 April 2010

Unified Army Theme - The Brazen Boyz

Ron over at FTW Central (see my sidebar) has set a challenge for FTW members to show how to theme an army by cosmetics, i.e. colour scheme, basing. I have been creating a new themed Ork Meck Army so I have put it up as an FTW collaborative post.

I wanted to do something new and different that suggested Mecks. So I adopted a brassy-look rather than a traditional ork look. It's a big galaxy out there (a very big galaxy in the case of 40K :) ) so I do not think one should get fixated on whatever is fashionable at GW itself. Start your own fashion. A unique colour scheme is a bold statement that immediately unifies your forces into a theme.

With regard to basing, I reflected the brazen look with a dark burnt umbar brown topped off with red-brown rocks (and occasional cadmium red smears). Red is a splash colour on my army. I use it for leather-cloth artifacts like scarves or axe handles. I used an artificial green platform for the Dread for some variety. Green is repeated through the army by, well, greenskins. However, I added red-brown rocks strewn across the platform to maintain the theme.Another splash colour is that all lights, vision ports, goggles etc are orange highlighted in yellow and shiny-varnish finished. Again this is a theme unifying the army.

I do not play in competitions and I am far more interested in fun battles built around interesting scenarios than winning. Therefore, I really do not give a damn whether an army is 'competitive'. Built in weaknesses merely add to the challenge, and hence the enjoyment, in my view.

The warbaoss and some off his nobz.

Choppa boyz.

Shootah boyz.

I did not want my army to have tanks and wanted to suggest that the Mek was not very interested in large wheeled-tracked armour. So the battlewagons are rebuilt, rusty Imperial hulls and are used more for transport than armoured warfare. This battlewagon has a zapp gun.

The Meck likes Orky things so builds killer cans. The bases are painted with oil paint over light grey followed by a wipe with kitchen roll.

This army is not heavy in infantry so has trucks so the boys can get stuck in quick. Each vehicle is a one off. It is dirtier and rustier than the Mek's prized dreads and killer cans.

A cut'n shut truck.

There are squadrons of fast attack light vehicles such as these buggies.


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