Thursday, 22 April 2010

Killer Can

A Mek's work is never done.

The base is a resin prebought model heavily washed in nearly neat fairy liquid to degrease.
Then painted:
1. Sprayed black using Citadel undercoat.
2. Repainted white on the rocks with Citadel white.
3. Painted all over with Burnt Umbar water-based oil paint by Winton.
4. Wiped with kitchen roll to show rock strata.
5. Touched up with a Burnt Umbar Cadmium Red mix. Note that it is only slightly mixed such that it is streaky.
6. Leave for 3-4 days to dry depending on conditions.


  1. Another smashing paint job, on both the Kan and the base! I really like the end result on the rocks, it looks extremely realistic. Keep up the great work!

  2. Dear Mek
    Neva a Kan of WD40 wen you need one
    (love the rust wash)

  3. Thanks Mordian
    I greatly appreciate the encouragement. Oil is great but unless you have sunlight to bake it on the stuff takes days to dry.

  4. Dear Shaun
    WD40 is for wimps. Real Meks use gobbo-grease.