Saturday, 17 April 2010

Vraks - 3 The Showdown

I played three games with my friend Andy. He used a Dark Angel daughter chapter. The Purple Peril - well that's my name for them. I used the renegade codex in the Vrak 1 book for the first battle and lost. I won with a Vrak second book renegade army - but by a whisker. This codex is Khorne orientated. So for a final decider, I used the Nurgle-based army from the Vraks 3 book.

The above picture shows the set up. I positioned my tanks on the relatively open left flank supported by muties as cannon fodder. My commander, witch and elite plague marines are in the centre and I have light forces, infantry in a half track and scout sentinels on the right where the ground is cluttered by grave monuments.

I am attacking towards the tropical fish.

Objective: Annihalation.

Andy checks the rule book and is very firm that the Tardis cannot be given to the plague marines as wargear. The tanks cut down Andy's marines like wheat. The muties get all the way to the ruins before running away.

On the right flank my sentinels are massacred and the half track selects reverse gear.

On the left, Andys terminators take out one of the tanks in close combat. I rake them with fire but cannot make a kill. The muties regroup - no sssssssuger Sherlock. My plague marines stagger into hand to hand combat. The witch rolls a lucky SIX for his random power. He starts a plague in any enemy unit within twelve inches, i.e. most of Andy's army. He keeps on making his rolls avery turn and starting multiple plagues. On a small table with 1500 point armies this power is awesome. He kills two terminators and a dozen marines. This made the difference and the Space Marines were forced to withdraw.

The renegades spent the game hiding in their half track behind a tower. Nurle gifted them with giant boils - I will leave you to guess where.

Great game, I was lucky to win. Basically one die roll won the game. Commiserations to Andy who fought well. We had a great laugh, which is the point of the exercise in my view.


  1. That looks like a ton of fun! As a devotee of Nurgle I like seeing the brothers in green out there!

  2. At times both Andy and I were doubled up with laughter. It was a fun afternoon.