Monday, 3 May 2010

Army Painter Dip on Wargames Factory Zombies

A group of Wargames Factory Zombies painted using Army Painter Dip, £18 for 250ml. Dip is a can of what looks like floor varnish. I used Strong Tone, the medium choice.

1. Spray the sprues with a tough cellulose brown.

2. Assemble and stick on a base to give you something to hold.

3. Flat paint in a few bold colours.

4. Dip them upsidedown in the can of Army Painter and place them on a tray to dry; this whole procedure is best undertaken out of doors, or in a shed etc.

And this is the finished product. The figures can be highlighted at this stage but I decided to leave them. Zombies are supposed to be mucky. The figures are quite shiny - Army Painter is basically varnish and stain. This could be taken off with a light drybrush but it will probably tone down with time.

Now they need permanent basing.


  1. I haven't used Army Painter but have used wood stain to similar effect. I just use a matte spray sealer to knock the shine off, then brush on gloss sealer to any parts that are supposed to be shiny.

  2. The anti-shine spray that Army Painter sells works very well, as well as Testor's Dullcote.

  3. Dear Son & Wienas
    Right, I had better get some antishine spray.
    They do look far too sparkly for zombies - a bit like a polished David Cameron.

    Thanks for the advice.


  4. Shaun of the( barely) living4 May 2010 at 10:31

    Hi John
    very Shaun of the Dead

  5. Dear Shaun
    Wait until you see my Hot Fuzz models......


  6. Dear John,
    Steady on.


    Perhaps I need to up my medication dose?

  8. i dipped some necrons then shook of the excess a while back. the result wasnt too bad. ive also painted it onto some space marine scouts which was acceptable as well. not sure im sold yet though im wondering how well it will go for 15mm flames of war infantry.

  9. Dear Zed
    Yah, I have mixed reactions. It's probably quite good for mass troops.

  10. I plan on doing this with some dead I need badly...I have to have a Walking Dead game soon. I am going to have to try this dip the dead tactic.