Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Zhufor Khorne Lord

As the prous owner of IG8, I decided to try to finish up my armies from IG 5-7.

This is the Zhufor Khorne Lord figure from Forge World mounted on a bought in resin base. I left his cloak off because it just did not look right.

It is painted in Humbrol Railway Acrylic with layers of Revell Fiery Red on top. I am no Golden Daemon painter by any means but I do think I am starting to get the hang of this layering lark. The brass is painted with Citadel Black/ TinBitz/ Shining Gold and the trophy skeleton's coat from the dark and medium bluw from the Citadel Foundation range.

More pics below.


  1. I like the finish on the bright red, but am not familiar with this figure.


  2. Dear Tony,
    It is very red. I always find this a difficult colour to handle.