Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Cull at GW

A new cull is underway at GW shops in southern England. They appear to be giving all part timers the boot. Very strange as most retail chains value part timers because they offer flexibility.


  1. Australian GW's recently got rid of their last part-timers, going exclusively to full time and casual staff.

    It makes some sense from a retail management perspective when you have a part timer doing the same hours that a casual could do without having to pay entitlements like holidays and sick pay.

    More expensive short term (higher per-hour) but cheaper long term as you don't shell out when the casuals get sick/go away - you just stick another casual on for the same money rather than paying both.

    Also a lot of part-timers tend to be uni-students (at least here) so their rosters change from semester to semester screwing around with the full timers who get lumped with doing the shifts the part timers can't do all of a sudden.
    And you can generally hire a young kid for next to no money to cover lunches for three hours a day while the real money goes to the full timers who actually make sales etc.

    That's the view from someone with a decade in retail sales at least! Sucks for the people losing their jobs though, they'll be fighting over the one or two new full time slots probably.

  2. Dear Gott
    There is no distinction between casual and part-time in British employment law (after a period of time) so here they are down to the full timers. Loads of part timers are chasing a few full time vacancies.

  3. The US just went through that whole upheaval. We have a cool new guy but loosing the two guys we had really rankles me.

  4. Dear Cyborg
    So they screwed the colonies first.:)
    Traditional English policy.