Friday, 4 June 2010

Grot tanks

Da Grot Tanks are on advance order at Forge World. Da Mek will knock you up a set of four for da princely sum of £58.

PS: For American visitors, the £ is down to $1.45 so now is a good time to order.


  1. Darn it John! Here I was thinking I was done ordering FW stuff for a while! :)

    ...I must add at least one unit of these to my growing Waaagh. Curses!

  2. My main problem with most FW Ork vehicles is that while it looks good, it also looks like it's something that you could cobble together pretty well on your own, especially as the plastic Ork kits have improved so much. I can see getting (and indeed have) some of the Imperial or Chaos kits, but the Ork stuff by its nature seems much more suitable for DIY projects.

  3. Dear Mordian
    I know....I have been going through my collection finding things to sell.

  4. dear Sons
    Yah, nearly all my ork vehicles are kitbashes. That is the great beauty of Orks. But at £58, I will probably get a set.