Monday, 28 June 2010

Sci Fi Pulp - Bounty Hunter

This is an 'alien hunter' from the Fenryll range. I have adopted it as a bounty hunter for my space opera collection. I have used bright 'comic' colours to reinforce the pulp sci fi look.

Fenryll make wonderfully detailed and imaginative models but they willcast them with a thick base. Cutting the model off the base is challenging. In this case I lost a foot somewhere along the line. I decided to give him a hydraulic peg-leg. This had the advantage of pinning the model to the base as well as customising it.

"Moral for the day: there are no problems, only opportunities."

Can anyone spout bilge like that outside of a management consultancy or lunatic asylum, in so far as they can be distinguished, without wanting to throw up?



  1. Makes me think of the blue clad guys from Star Wars that guard the senate

  2. Dear Cyborg
    Never saw that movie.
    I had in mind the Time Lord guards from the 70s Dr Who.

  3. Oh sure I can see that. I always though how hot those costume must have been for the actors.

  4. Dear Cyborg
    Can you imagine being chased by a fearsome alien who can only manage 1mph for ten feet before expiring of heat exhaustion.