Friday, 25 June 2010

Illuminati Terminators

I have turned out another Chaos marine unit for my Illuminati warband. I have put a great deal of effort into the bases. I think GW are wrong to stick with simple, rather bright bases. These are resin bases upgraded with slate chippings and green-stuff alien life. On the wargame table, bases are more visible than the miniatures

Chaos marines always look a bit camp to me so I go for bright colours.

Terminators have one really great ability - deepstrike. With no decent artillery, you need some way of pinning an enemy while the rest of the army minces across the table. The 2+ save helps as well :)


  1. Excellent paintjob. I like your choice of colours and the bases look very effective.

  2. Nice minis.

    As a guard player, i always hated those. My poor russes suffered lots of hits from behind.

  3. Dear Lee
    Thanks. I think the bases took longer than the figures to make.

  4. Dear Ig
    They are a must have unit for chaos marines.j