Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hammers Slammers - The Crucible

My Hammers Slammers rules and source book is released from Pireme this month. This is a reedited hardback wrap up of the first two volumes.

There is a PDF for all the new cards and play sheets here:

Heavy Metal.

Slammers Rolling Hot

Molt Guerilas teleport in to ambush a column.

Sunset Watch.


  1. Very cool! I just finished re-reading "Paying the Piper" for the umpteenth time. I'll have to see if I can get a hold of the rules - I didn't find an online store on the website that you linked to, will it be available from or is it being sold through a publisher's website?

  2. Dear Mordian
    I will tell David Drake. PtP is superb. have you read his recent Slammer short story - The Darkness. There is a lot of Drake in it.

    I have the privalege of collaborating with him on an SF novel at the moment.

  3. That's really cool - David Drake is one of my favorite authors of all time. There are two entire shelves in my bookcases dedicated to his books, in fact! I'm quite envious of you being able to work with him, I look forward to hearing more about the collaboration!

  4. I saw the display game at Games Expo, Birmingham last weekend. It was very well done and full of fantastic models.

    I've got a couple of photos on my Blog.


  5. Dear Tony
    I just wish someone had told me.
    Will check out your photos.