Thursday, 23 August 2012

1938: Hawker Hart

My loving wife purchased a Corgi Hawker Hart in 20mm for my birthday, and for my1938: A Very British Civil War army. Spodes Blackshorts will need some air support. I am thinking of calling it Eulalie.

The Hart entered service in 1931 as a high performance light bomber. It was faster than the RAF fighter at the time, the Bulldog. This one is in '35 colours of the City of London 600 Squadron.


  1. Lovely model. I never thought of the 30's Civil war in the air! What a concept. Thanks for the new intel challenge.

  2. Super looking plane John. A great addition. The prewar markings really make it look smart.

  3. Dear Paul
    I must admit the colourful nature of the 1930s world is an attraction for wargaming the period.