Friday, 24 August 2012

Calling Col Corbane

Here is the scale comparison of 1/72 wrecked buildings. On the left is the Airfix Field HQ in a wrecked building, on the right the Italeri model.

The figures from left to right:
28 ml Warlord
Heroic 40K
1/72 Plastic Soldier

Hope this is useful.


  1. Interesting post John, isn't the Airfix stuff 1/76 scale? Must say, I loved that old Strong Point model and was looking to build one based on Matakishi's guide.

  2. Dear Monty
    Could be. I use the scales interchangably. :)

  3. Interesting comparison. I have the Airfix kit (still unassembled), and it's interesting to see it against the Italeri one. Airfix do some fairly decent ruined buildings in resin as well (1/76 again), but they're a bit pricey.