Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Muckleburgh Collection: Cold War Sentinels

 A Bloodhound missile and radar array from the Cold War. You may recall seeing these missiles used in Dr Who to destroy a cyberman invasion from space.


  1. I remember landing at Wildenwrath (spell!!) in the mid-80's and seeing a couple of dozen arrayed round the end of the runway and thinking..."uulp! They're there to help me the event!"

  2. The launch was pretty spectacular with four boosters flying off.

  3. Well - I'm glad one didn't head my way!

    What the 'Airfix modeller' in me noted was that the missiles were all painted green (and possibly black camo?) rather than the colour scheme shown here which was also used on the old Airfix kit. As they slid under the wing pretty quick as we came in, I can't say whether they were all over green or camouflaged?