Friday, 3 August 2012

Panzer IV Models

I have just finished three 1/72 models from the Plastic Soldier range. I am really impressed by this range. The models are a perfect compromise between detail and durability. They are more detailed than the Armourfast range but less fiddley than an Airfix. The tracks come in two halves so they are far more detailed than Armourfast but nothing like as fiddley as Tamiya/ Italeri and a lot better looking than the Airfix polyethylene

The tanks can be assembled as anything from an early support tank to a PzIVH with 'skirts' and two commander variants are included (six models!). Superb value at £13 for three.

The pic below shows my complete PzIV collection. The Germans were forever tinkering with their designs, which is why their production stank, so a panzer battalion could have quite a mix of vehicles, especially with the Kampfgruppe system. For example, a PzIV with the short gun was captured in Normandy from an SS unit. The British Army called all long barreled PzIVs and IIIs 'Specials', the Germans called them 'Long'.

The models on the right are Ixo/Altaya diecast in North European camo, then Plastic Warrior and Frontline models in Kursk camo, and Airfix F2s in Kursk Camo behind. On the left are Airfix short-barreled tanks the original Panzer grey.

The final pic is a model size comparison, from left to right:
1: Airfix (plastic) 1/76
2: Frontline (resin) 1/76
3: Plastic Warrior (plastic) 1/72
4: Ixo/Altya (diecast) 1/72


  1. Nice one John, out of interest, where did you get the decals from as I understood they weren't included normally?

  2. I want some now John, a powerful looking force!

  3. Dear Monty
    The decals are from Warhammer Historical who used to supply a huge sheet.

  4. Dear Paul

    A serious tank the Pz IV,